And so your journey begins ...


You’ve written your novel and now it’s ready for editing. Assuming that you're happy with the structure and bigger issues of the story, it's ready for the next step: line and copy editing. This is a sentence-level edit, and will eliminate anything that might distract your readers. I’ll also concentrate on the dialogue so that the characters sound exactly how they should. But don't worry, no matter what changes I suggest, the decision to make them is always yours. 

Let’s turn your story into a great book that readers will love.

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Deborah helped me a lot by copy editing my first novel, The Falmouth Son. I had never done anything like this before so I went through many iterations until I got to a final version of the book that I was happy with and Deborah helped me a lot to understand how best to tell my story as well as correcting the finer points of my English.

Mark Ballett, author