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Manuscript critique - let's look at your story

A manuscript critique reviews the major elements of your novel, highlights the areas that need the most attention and provides suggestions on how to fix them. It will help you to get your story into shape 

before embarking on a line or copy edit or if you're planning to submit to an agent or publisher.

You will receive a written report which looks at the big-picture issues, concentrating on your manuscript's strengths and weaknesses. It will look at the following: 

  • Plot. Does the structure work? Is it easy to follow?

  • Characterisation. How are the characters represented? Does their behaviour make sense – are they behaving according to their personality?

  • Pace. How is the story unfolding? Is it too fast? Does it drag (this quite often happens in the middle)?

  • Narrative style. Which point of view has the author used? Does it work with the type of story?

  • Tense. Is it written in past or present? Or a mixture of both? Does this work?

This service will enable you to make effective revisions to your manuscript by implementing the suggestions yourself. You'll have all the information you need to address the elements that aren't working too well and how to build on those that are.


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